Layout of the pile field

Determination of the location of the object on the customer site.

Layout of the pile field on the terrain in accordance with the previously developed plan for erecting the foundation.

Screw piles screwing

Direct screwing of screw piles manually or mechanically with strict observance of the vertical position of the pile.

Piles are screwed to the depth of completion of the peat, subsidence layer or below the groundwater level.

Determination of screw piles high level

Determination of the design height of the foundation relative to the terrain of the site. Marking the set value on all piles of the pile field and cutting the screw piles into the level, in accordance with the design.

Concreting of the trunks

Concreting of the trunks of screw piles with cement-sand mortar, i.e. The pile cavity is poured with concrete.

Welding of the heads

Installation and welding of the heads, which serve as a kind of platform for securing the bar. Checking the level at the ends. Application of additional protective coatings at welding points and joints in order to protect against corrosion in a humid environment.

In the case of binding the piles with the channel, the heads are not used.

The breakdown into these stages is conditioned by the fact that each stage has its own goal and specific tasks.

What to do if the chosen site pleases the eye, a picturesque place, but difficult for the construction of a cottage? There is an exit!

Modern technology for the erection of foundations on screw piles allows you to work on any ground.

If you are planning to build a spacious apartment house for the whole family, it is worth choosing a full-fledged technology that allows you to guarantee not only the high quality of the materials and services provided, but also to save your time and finances.

Works with pile-screw foundations will not change the landscape, they will not bring any inconvenience to you or your neighbors. And this is also an important factor of choice!

The foundation on screw piles is the only true solution!