Owners of residential houses, household buildings and other structures have inevitably faced with the need to reinforce the reconstruction and, at times, the entire change of foundation. The reason may be the collapse of the traditional foundation stone, the reduction of waterproofing properties, weak ground or bottom strength at the very foundation, the bottom deformation and unacceptable structural changes – cracks.

Modern screw base technology allows you to fix or make a whole change. The proposed technology will promote long-term and stable operation of the structure.

The basis of screw piling is recognized as the best form of foundation for the construction of existing buildings. In the past, it was necessary to completely or partially demolish the building in order to restore the classic foundations. In practice, it proved that the use of screwdrivers for the reconstruction of the foundation eliminates the dismantling of the building.

Using screw bases for reconstruction, the object is raised by a specialized construction hoist. Then underneath the structure are installed new screw bases. Screw the screws along the perimeter of the structure, taking into account the same technical requirements as the installation of a new base.